Nacho Cheese Dispenser
(650) 213-8000
White Wine 13oz Glass
Beer /Mixing 16oz Glass
Martini 8oz Glass
Margarita 10oz Glass
Frozen Cocktail 13.5oz Glass
Mason Jar 16oz Glass
Champagne Flute 6.5oz
Water 16oz Glass
Wine Tasting 6.5oz Glass
Red Wine 13oz Glass
11" Square Dinner Plate
8.5" Square Salad Plate
6"  square Dessert/ Saucer Plate
16oz. Square Soup Bowl
Square Coffee Cup and Saucer
13" Round Charger Plate
Round Cup & Saucer
6" Round Dessert Plate        
8.5" Round Salad Plate
11" Round Dinner Plate
16 oz Pasta Bowl
White/Red Stemless Wine
16oz Glass
High Ball Glass
Dessert Bowl Glass
Old Fashion Glass
3 Gallon Water Dispenser
SS Removable Lid Chafer 8qt.
Clear Roll Top SS Chafer 8qt.
SS Roll Top Chafer 8qt.
Glass Lid Chafer 4qt.
Round Roll Top Chafer 6qt.
Glassware and
16oz. Round Soup Bowl
60 Cup SS Coffee Urn
SS Air Pots
60 Oz. Water Plastic Pitcher
2 Hour  Chafing Fuel Sterno
11qt. Acrylic Salad Bowl 15"
Dinner Fork
Salad Fork
Dinner Knife
Dinner Spoon
Tea/Dessert Spoon
Steak Knife