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Nacho Cheese Dispenser
Nacho Cheese and Hot Dogs
Requires 120V.  8.3AMPS  1000WATTS

Click Here for Operation Instructions and Specs.
Nacho Cheese Dispenser $59.00 per day.
Three button dispensing controls, adjustable settings, and improved air
flow. UL approved! This Cheese Dispenser works with almost any brand
of bagged cheese. Takes 30-45 minutes to warm up completely. Machine
WxDxH 10x16x28'
Nacho Cheese Bag $24.99
140 oz. per bag! Simply connect this
bag to your Nacho Cheese Dispenser!
Nacho Chili Bag $29.99
140 oz. per bag! Simply connect this bag
Nacho Chips and Cheese Trays  $9.99
cheese compartments.
Packed in a count of 50!
Hot Dog Streamer $59.00 per day
Serves 80-240 hot dogs and buns, holds 30-40
buns and 80-90 hot dogs. WxDxH 19x15.5x16'
Menlo Park
Palo Alto
Redwood City
Mountain View
Los Altos

Low rates to all
other Bay Area