Nacho Cheese Dispenser
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Menlo Park
Palo Alto
Redwood City
Mountain View
Los Altos

Low rates to all
other Bay Area
Fun Rentals
Bingo Cage
Includes Bingo Balls and layout
Raffle Tickets  Roll
2000 pairs of regular raffle tickets. Each
pair of stubs have a matching number.
Large Raffle Drum
Drum Size: 20" D x 20" L
Base Size: 23" W x 26" L
Height: 31"
Ticket Hold: 15,000 Regular Raffle Tickets
Giant Raffle Drum  
Size: 24" D x 36" L
Base Size: 40" W x 45" L
Height: 51"
Ticket Hold: 20,000 Regular Raffle Tickets
Bubble Machine
will fill a 1000sf room in 20 Seconds
Bingo Cards 250k
Bubble Fluid
1/2 Gallons
Fog Machine
Includes 32oz of Fluid
8" Disco Ball, Includes:
  • 1 battery operated turner,
  • D size battery.
  • Installation not included.
16" Disco Ball, with electric turner
Installation not included
Programmable LED up lights with
5' cord.
50' Multi Outlet Extension Cord
50' Extension cord $5.00 each
Number Wheel
PA System Includes:
1 amplified 1000 Watts Speaker
1 Tripod Stand
1 Wired Microphone
You can plug in your Ipod, phone or computer
Mahogany Wood Podium