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Helium & Balloons Package Deal:
$ 189.00

  • 110cf. Helium Tank
  • Helium Adapter
  • 200 Latex Balloons (Extra
    Charge for Printed)
  • Roll of Curling ribbon.
  • FREE Local Delivery
Nacho Cheese Dispenser
Helium Tanks
    Helium Tank Rentals

    Each tank rental includes a FREE
    tilt adapter.
    Long term rentals are available on all tanks above 110 cf.
    Please call 650-213-8000 for more details.
Tank Size
Inflates +-
75 11"
$ 69.00
200 11"
$ 149.00
400 11"
$ 299.00
600 11"
$ 369.00
Gauge Adapter
$ 10.00
Would you rather save time and make your event look professionally decorated, let us
bid on your balloon decorating plan, we can deliver ready made balloon bouquets,
balloon arches,Columns and  bunches by the dozen.  Check out our price list on the
Balloons Page.

* Free Delivery to:

Menlo Park
Palo Alto
Redwood City
Mountain View
Los Altos

Low rates to all
other Bay Area
New Helium Pricing effective 12/07/2018

Due to current helium shortages, helium availability and prices may change with
out notice, please call for more information.
Please note that the amount of balloons that a particular tank will inflate is an approximation and  may vary depending on size of balloons, over inflation of the balloons and the All
cylinders are filled to 1800psi. You (the client) are responsible to check the pressure of the tanks upon arrival. No claims will be accepted once the tanks have been delivered and
signed for.