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            Margarita Machine Instructions

                                       Please read before operating!

Specs: Machine WxDxH 8x15x33' 1080 Watts, 9.0 Amps, 125lb.(empty)

  • Confirm that the acrylic bowls are seated correctly. If bowls are not seated correctly the seals will
    not hold the liquids and a leak will occur.
  • pour the ingredients into the acrylic bowl (Do Not Add Ice! The machine will make its own ice)
  • Confirm that there are no leaks , if you detect a leak, empty the contents into a bucket and confirm
    that the bowls are seated correctly. Call for assistance if unable to detect the leak source.
  • Plug the machine into a dedicated house hold outlet. (15amp-120v.)DO NOT PLUG IN TWO
    MACHINES IN THE SAME OUTLET unless you can confirm the outlet is 30amps or more.
  • Push all buttons down. The machine will now start to mix the contents and will freeze with in 2 hours.
  • You may Re-Fill when there is about 1/4 of mix left on the machine, the refreeze will take
    approximately 30 minutes.

  • Do not add ICE to any mix. (you may use cold water for your mix)
  • Do not use solid fruits on any mix. Solids can get stock in the machine augers causing the motor to
    stop working and overheating. You will be responsible for any damages.  
  • Do not over fill (fill up to the max line)
  • Do not use Extension Cords. Extension cords will dilute the necessary power for compressors to
  • Do not disassemble the machine (no cleaning required)
  • Do not transport the machine on its side.
  • Do not operate the machine on direct sunlight or in temperatures over 80 degrees .
  • Do not use more than 30% alcohol content in your mix, Remember that alcohol does not freeze.


  • The reason is very likely one or more of the above instructions are not been followed, please read
    the instructions again. Call for assistance if unable to solve the problem.  (650) 213-8000 or (650)
    248-0390 cell.