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Hot Dog Steamer Operation Instructions and Specs.
              Width: 19"        Length: 15.5"        Height: 16"       Weight: 30 lb.

Operating Instructions

1.        Make sure the steamer is placed and operated on a flat , level surface.
2.        Make sure to plug in to a dedicated line with the specifications above and that no other appliances are on the same circuit.

Controls and theirs functions
ON/OFF SWITCH : Turns on the machine by supplying power to the heat element.
HEAT CONTROL:  By Adjusting the knob up or down, the heat control will adjust the temperature of the steamer.

Operating procedure
1.        Remove the two lids from the top of the machine.
2.        Remove all baskets and partitions from the interior of the machine.
3.        Pour distilled water into the bottom of the heating compartment until the water level    is 1/2" bellow the ledge that  the steam
baffle rests on. DO NOT fill above the ledge as the cabinet will leak and the hot dogs will be sitting in water.
4.        Replace all partitions and baskets.
5.        Place the hot dogs on the small basket, and the buns in the large basket.        Arrange the hot dogs and buns so that there
is free circulation of steam.      
6.        Turn the power switch to the "ON" position and set the heat control to the desired temperature.
7.        Keep the doors closed when not serving.
8.        Add water when necessary to maintain water level.

The machine can take up to 2 hours to steam a full load of hot dogs, to speed up the process pour hot water instead of cold.
You may consider leaving the hot dog buns in their plastic bag until ready to be served to prevent them from absorbing to much
steam and becoming soggy.
Once the hot dogs are fully cooked, lower the temperature setting to prevent overcooking.